hocuspocuschick (hocuspocuschick) wrote in xinmemoryx,


I saw them at the ROXY .... it was fun (kAT!) write down the last time u saw them....
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I saw them at the roxy tooo.
thats cool!! oh im me sometime we can be inmemory fan friends...lmao... Fufuface1
hm.. ok new friend.
my sns the lost fajita :)
im lost, what am i supposed to do?
i believe sarah wants us to write down when was the last time we saw IM.

and to answer your question sarah. the last time i saw them, was at the roxy. where you bought me a sticker and i don't know where to put it at, i thought about putting it on the dirtbike but something told me not to, so i'm using it as bookmark.

in fact In Memory should make bookmarks. to encourage reading. lol.

(unrelated inmemory news ) oh no sarah!!! jessica has a stomach virus!! and some lady asked if i wanted to sell my louis vuitton purse.
oh i was watchinghe news last night just to see what happend to poor jessica... aww i hope she gets better soon... and u should have sold it! loser face and yes that us what i want u guys to do...
oh ok the last time I saw in MEMORY was with u...that night we were going to throw high heels at desiree through my car.....yea..and that night IN MEM lost their key so dez and mike coudlnt get PINS..BOO
oh yeah u poop... i know... i was there... i wasnt askin u i was asking the others... DUH KAT... JEZUS!!! im gonna send u to the GATES OF HELL!!!